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What’s Better For You: Online Therapy or In-Person Therapy?

“Is online therapy as good as in-person therapy?” “Can my therapist really help me through a screen?” “Am I getting the full experience through online therapy” “Is online therapy even worth it?” If you are hesitating about whether or not to start online therapy, you may ...
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If You Have These 4 Personality Traits You May Benefit from Online Therapy for Emotional Eating in Chicago, IL

Emotional eating is more than frequent episodes of eating a large quantity of food in one sitting. Emotional eating also includes compulsive, unwanted episodes of eating that occur while dieting or avoiding foods or ingredients that are generally not permitted on weight loss diets. If you ...
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6 Signs That You Could Benefit From Online PTSD Treatment in Chicago, IL

Traumatic experiences can have a huge impact on your life for years and years after they happen.  Here are 6 signs that you could benefit from online PTSD treatment to address your symptoms of trauma and PTSD: 1. You're having intense nightmares that disrupt your sleep Intense nightmares ...
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5 ways to manage anxiety

1. Try to make time for yourself each day doing something that is relaxing. This can look like 5 minutes of deep breathing in the morning or taking a bath. 2. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is about noticing and being present without judgment. There are numerous benefits of ...
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Wellness Tips for Quarantine

This post is from psychologist Magie Donlon, PsyD. I was going to edit it for length, but there are so many great ideas in here, there's something for everyone, so I didn't want to pick and choose. Stick to a routine. Go to sleep and wake ...
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Challenge the ‘diet mentality’ to treat binge eating

This article originally appeared in The National Psychologist, February 4, 2020 Binge eating disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder among adults in the U.S. . More than 8% of American adults meet some or all the criteria for binge eating disorder at some point ...
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Emotional Eating FAQS for Health Providers

What is emotional eating and how does it differ from binge eating disorder? Emotional eating is a general term for a type of disordered eating. It's characterized by obsessive thinking about food and unwanted, compulsive eating. The behavior is often a response to psychological stressors. Especially ...
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“How Can I Eat What I Want If I Want to Eat Everything?”

A patient once told me that she wanted a taste of her daughter’s ice cream, but resisted. At first, she felt proud of her self-control, but later she binged. When I asked why not have a taste of ice cream if she wanted it, she reacted ...
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Wolf Call: Freedom or Security?

Would you prefer to be free as a wolf in the wild, free to roam, or secure on a dog-sled team, safe and well-fed, with purposeful work? I came across this beautifully filmed short documentary called Vargsamtal, which means wolf call in Swedish. It’s about a ...
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