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Curb the New Year’s Enthusiasm Spasm

I don’t usually use this blog to talk about what’s in the news or re-post items from other blogs, but this article is too important to pass up, especially during the first week of New Year’s resolutions.I’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of moderation. ...
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White Bears, Dieting, and the Rebound Effect

The real question about how to avoid overeating is not how to strengthen your ability to restrain it, but how to avoid ricocheting from dieting to bingeing and back again. I’ll explain that soon, but first let’s do a little exercise. Ready? Don’t think about white ...
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Emotional Eating and the Lipstick Effect

What do movies, lipstick, and Tootsie Rolls have in common? They all thrive in difficult economic times. And that connection can teach us a lot about overeating.In the 1930’s, in the midst of the Great Depression, the businesses of cosmetics titans Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein ...
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How to Improve Self-Control by Pole-Sitting

Have you ever heard of the Stylites? No, it’s not the name of an easy-listening R&B group from the Seventies, although good guess. Actually, stylites were religious ascetics who practiced self-denial in order to focus on spiritual development. The word “stylite” comes from the Greek stylos, ...
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Abstinence Makes the Waist Grow Larger

I want to elaborate on a point I made in a previous post about trying to achieve perfect restraint when dieting. In that post, I was trying to illustrate how the word “control” is more appropriately understood as managing or directing your behavior rather than restraining ...
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Q&A: Behaviors, Causes, and Effects

This is a list of questions I typed out while I was taking a break today. Then I wrote statements based on the Balance Model idea I’ve been posting about, and also some implications of those statements (a lot of them address the questions directly, but ...
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Me, My Modules, and I

Self-control is a compound term that contains two concepts, each of which seems deceptively clear. In a previous post I talked about the meaning of Control to clarify our understanding of self-control. Now let’s look at the meaning of the first word, Self, which may also ...
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Controlling the Emotional Thermostat

In the previous post, I talked about striving for total abstinence – diet perfection – and the consequences of that by rebelling against those self-imposed limits. But why the fuss? Why not simply accept the restrictions on your eating if that’s what you want to do? ...
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Understanding Self-Control

Everyone knows what “self-control” means, right? Well, there appears to be some confusion even among (or especially among) the experts, so let’s clarify what we mean when we refer to the concept of control to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing.The Merriam-Webster dictionary ...
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