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Tracking Progress without a Scale

I have been talking a lot about self-determination theory and the importance of having autonomous control. If you don’t have independent control over your weight loss, that will affect your motivation to continue. Relying on a scale to measure your progress can therefore lead to a ...
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Your Weight and Fortune

I used to have the annoying habit of answering a question with a question. Once, a friend wanted to share one of those light bulb-changing manpower jokes that involved therapists. “How many therapists does it take to screw in a light bulb?” he asked. The answer ...
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The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau Explained

Just about anyone who has tried to lose weight for at least a month or two has sooner or later experienced a very frustrating phenomenon: the weight loss plateau. It is something that happens when you begin to lose weight on a diet but, for no ...
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What Really Makes You Feel Satisfied by a Meal?

We’ve talked about the experience of eating in a casual dining restaurant and the negative effects of focusing on value to define a good meal. Now try to recall a really great experience you may have had while eating at an expensive restaurant. Many different elements ...
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What’s Your Food Size?

Imagine that you need a new pair of shoes. You go to the shoe store, look around at the styles on display, and you find one that fits you perfectly. It’s comfortable, looks good on you, and the leather really feels great to the touch. In ...
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Using the Five W’s to Assess Your Eating Routine

Whether you record what you eat every day or not, it’s useful to do an eating self-assessment before deciding what needs to change in your current eating routine. The first step in this process is to apply the five W’s of journalism: What, When, Why, Where ...
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The Pros and Cons of Keeping a Food Diary

I’m very ambivalent about the issue of keeping a food diary. I know that when people do it, the impact it has on their eating can be very impressive. So what’s the down side of recommending it? For one thing, when someone who is just trying ...
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If Some is Good, Does That Mean More is Better?

There is a concept in economics called diminishing marginal utility. This means that as a person increases consumption of a product there is a decline in the satisfaction or benefit that person gains from consuming each additional unit of the item. Applying this concept to eating ...
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Expanding Portions, Expanding Waistlines

You may have noticed that restaurant portion sizes are inversely proportional to the prices on the menu. High-end restaurants with famous chefs tend to serve small portions with entrees that look like more like appetizers, while casual dining restaurants will often serve entrees on enormous serving ...
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