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Overeating with the Head, Hands, and Heart

Now that we have discussed the positive or healthy reasons to eat, let’s look at what I think are the main motives for unhealthy eating. Before talking about what they are it may be helpful to consider three ways to classify motivations behind overeating. Just as ...
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The Three ‘Good’ Reasons to Eat

Why do we eat?I doubt you’ve ever stood in front of the refrigerator at night thinking, “Let’s see…which micronutrients do I need right about now?” But of course, as with all living things, we need nutrition to keep our organs functioning and, well, stayin’ alive.  So ...
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Common Sense and the Diet Mentality

You may know with some precision how many calories you consume in a given meal and how many you burn in a half-hour of exercise. You probably know how many Weight Watchers points you’re allowed, and you’re aware that there are nine calories in a gram ...
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A Case of Emotional Eating: Is This You?

Lori is a very energetic and hard-working administrative assistant in a busy accounting firm. When she first applied for the job, she felt under-qualified. But in spite of her doubts, she was able to project a sense of confidence and won over the hiring executives. She ...
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Overcoming Emotional Eating

I am a clinical health psychologist with a psychotherapy practice in downtown Chicago. My primary expertise is helping people who struggle with emotional and binge eating behavior. During my clinical internship over 20 years ago, I received intensive training in the treatment of eating disorders. I ...
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