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There’s a lot to love about living in Illinois. Whether you’re in a big city like Chicago or the beautiful countryside around historic Galena. However, geographic location should not be a barrier when it comes to wellness and mental health. The more options you have for finding the right therapist, the more you can benefit from online therapy.

Online therapy in Illinois may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

A man appears frustrated. This relates to concepts of online therapy in Illinois. An online therapist in Illinois is able to assist with depression counseling and anxiety treatment.

As a consumer, you want high-quality, specialized counseling services. But, you're also needing therapy that fits with your lifestyle. Our online therapists understand. Online counseling services at Equipoise Teletherapy is the answer you’ve been looking for. Our online therapists are expert licensed mental health professionals that specialize in many different treatments. A few of these include the treatment of unwanted behaviors. We specialize in eating disorders, addictions, and self-sabotaging behavior. In addition, we offer depression counseling, anxiety treatment, and trauma therapy.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Our home base is Chicago, Illinois. However, all of our licensed clinical psychologists are Authorized Practitioners of Interjurisdictional Telepsychology. This is a multi-state agreement that allows our online therapists to practice in a variety of states. This means that our specialist therapists can still see anyone who lives here. From Cook County to Cairo, IL and everywhere in between.

Online therapy in Illinois increases access for everyone throughout the state.

Online therapy appointments allow us to offer therapy to people all over the state. From the rural areas of Illinois that are remote to the larger cities. 

Online therapy can help eliminate barriers

Having to drive long distances and take time out of a busy schedule for therapy can be a burden on many people in need of help. Even for those who live nearby. Online therapy offers more accessible treatment. In addition, online therapy is ideal for people that can't leave their homes.

Online therapy for Eating Disorders in Illinois

A woman smiles while using her phone. This relates to concepts of online therapy in Illinois. An online therapist in Illinois is able to provide online eating disorder treatment in Illinois.

Our online therapists specialize in many areas. One area includes eating disorder treatment. Our therapists are trained to offer binge eating disorder treatment, unwanted emotional eating, and bulimia nervosa, among other forms of disordered eating

So what if your behavior doesn’t fit any particular diagnosis category? But, you're preoccupied with unwanted eating behaviors or thoughts? We can help. Contact us for an evaluation by one of our therapists or dietitians. 

Online therapy for Addiction Treatment in Illinois

You experience memory loss or blackouts after drinking too much. Your family expresses their concerns about your drinking. Or, pressure you to abstain completely from alcohol.

Our team of online therapists includes specialists who can help with substance misuse and addictions with a “harm reduction” approach. This aims at moderation rather than total abstinence. We believe in helping you gain control over your drinking by learning coping skills and strategies. This is designed to help you develop a sense of autonomy and empowerment. And, to free you from dependence on alcohol or other chemical substances.

Online therapy for Depression and Anxiety in Illinois

Experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety is extremely common. And, we've noticed an increase in these symptoms over the last year. Our online therapists are able to assist you in navigating both of these experiences. Our online therapists use a variety of different treatments to offer you coping skills. Coping skills that you can use both in and out of session. Our approach to depression counseling and anxiety treatment could be the missing piece you're missing.

Is online therapy effective?

A couple smiles together. This demonstrates concepts of online therapy in Illinois. An online therapist in Illinois is able to provide online eating disorder treatment in Illinois. 

Online therapy may not be the best option for everyone. For this reason, we suggest doing a little research. Think about what you're looking for in a therapist. Can that be provided for you through an online platform? Research shows that online therapy is often just as effective as in-person therapy. And, you certainly can’t beat the convenience of showing up for your appointments in sweatpants!

Begin Online Therapy in Illinois 

Our online therapists are excited to get to know your story better. We offer a variety of different services through our Chicago-based online practice. When you're ready to begin online therapy in Illinois, follow these steps:

2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
3. Invest in yourself and your future.

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