6 Signs That You Could Benefit From Online PTSD Treatment in Chicago, IL

A woman hides her face with her hands in despair. This could represent the need for online PTSD treatment in Chicago, IL. A trauma therapist can help you overcome symptoms with PTSD therapy in Chicago, IL and other services.

Traumatic experiences can have a huge impact on your life for years and years after they happen.  Here are 6 signs that you could benefit from online PTSD treatment to address your symptoms of trauma and PTSD:

1. You’re having intense nightmares that disrupt your sleep

Intense nightmares are very common for people with PTSD.  The nightmares occur when your mind encounters a traumatic memory. The brain produces adrenaline, making a regular nightmare much worse. This may also cause you to wake up in a cold sweat or with a racing heart. Therapy for PTSD helps end these nightmares, or at the very least reduces their frequency.

2.  You don’t feel safe without your back to a wall

Are you always wondering if someone will come up behind you to hurt you, and you feel safer if you know your back is to a wall?  If so, this may be a traumatic response and can improve with therapy.

3.  You’re struggling to trust enough to form close relationships

A person in a raincoat sits alone on a bench on a gray day. Online PTSD treatment in Chicago, IL can provide support through the isolation of trauma. Contact us to learn more about PTSD treatment in Chicago, IL today.

A common symptom of trauma is a lack of trust in others, particularly those close to you.  You may find that you push others away. Or, you feel like if you’re too open, you will be vulnerable and will get hurt. So, you keep them at arm’s length you’ll protect yourself.  This may work but will stop you from making meaningful relationships.

4.  You’re using substances to numb out

Symptoms of PTSD can feel dominating, and it may feel like the only way to find relief is through alcohol or drugs.  Wanting to find peace is completely understandable. You may be noticing that substance use has harmed other parts of your life. Online PTSD can help you find a more sustainable way to cope.

5.  You’re incredibly irritable

Having PTSD can sometimes feel like you’re a shook-up soda can of emotions. You’re under pressure and without any way to let off steam.  The tension may be leading you to snap at people in your life who you care about, or be very irritable in general.  Online PTSD treatment can help you to process these emotions, release the pressure, and lower irritability.

6.  You’re thinking about the traumatic event, even when you don’t want to

Traumatic events tend to come back into your mind again and again. It can even happen years after the event happened.  This can be very disturbing and also disrupt your ability to concentrate and sleep.  Resolving the underlying causes of PTSD can reduce the frequency of these intrusive thoughts. Thus, restoring your ability to focus and keep a level head.

PTSD and trauma can be destabilizing, but therapy can help.  When you’re ready to start, reach out to Equipoise Teletherapy today to take the first step towards recovery! 

Begin Online PTSD Treatment in Chicago, IL

A man sits at the kitchen table as he types on his laptop. This could represent online PTSD treatment in Chicago, IL. Learn more about how PTSD therapy in Chicago, IL can provide support with trauma symptoms today.

Overcoming trauma isn’t something you should have to do alone. We understand and would be honored to help you. Our experienced therapists can provide you the support you deserve to work through PTSD via online therapy. When you are ready to start PTSD treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Equipoise Teletherapy
  2. Meet with an experienced therapist
  3. Start addressing PTSD symptoms & living a calmer life.

Other Counseling Services at Equipoise Teletherapy

Online PTSD treatment isn’t the only service offered at our Chicago-based teletherapy practice. Other mental health services offered include therapy for emotional eating, depression treatment, and anxiety treatment. We also offer counseling for binge eating disorder, addiction, nutrition counseling, and unwanted behaviors. Feel free to learn more about our practice, or read our blog for more information!

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