6 signs that you could benefit from online PTSD treatment in Chicago, IL.

Traumatic experiences can have a huge impact on your life echoing for years and years after they happen.  Here are 6 signs that you could benefit from working with a therapist on your symptoms of trauma and PTSD.
1. You’re having intense nightmares that disrupt your sleep.
Intense nightmares are very common for people with PTSD.  The nightmares come because when your mind encounters the traumatic memory it produces adrenaline – this takes a regular nightmare and makes it much worse, and also may cause you to wake up in a cold sweat or with a racing heart.  Therapy for PTSD helps eliminate these nightmares, or at the very least reduce their frequency.
2.  You don’t feel safe without your back to a wall.
Are you always wondering if someone is going to come up behind you to you hurt you, and you feel safer if you know your back is to a wall?  If so, this may be a traumatic response, and can improve significantly with therapy.
3.  You’re struggling to trust enough to form close relationships.
A common symptom of trauma is a lack of trust in others, particularly those close to you.  You may find that you push others away, feeling like if you’re too open you’re vulnerable and will get hurt, and that by keeping them at arm’s length you’ll protect yourself.  This may be true, but will stop you from making meaningful relationships.

4.  You’re using substances to numb out.

Symptoms of PTSD can feel dominating, and it may feel like the only way to find relief is through alcohol or drugs.  Wanting to find peace is completely understandable, but you may be noticing that the substance use has a negative impact on other parts of your life.  Therapy can help you find a more sustainable way to cope.
5.  You’re incredibly irritable
Having PTSD can sometimes feel like you’re a shook-up soda can of emotions – under pressure and without any way to let off steam.  The tension may be leading you to snap at people in your life who you care about, or be very irritable in general.  Therapy can help you to process through these emotions, releasing the pressure and lowering irritability.
6.  You’re thinking about the traumatic event, even when you don’t want to
Traumatic events have a tendency of coming back into your mind again and again, perhaps even years after the event happened.  This can be extremely disturbing, and also disrupt your ability to concentrate and sleep.  Resolving the underlying causes of the PTSD can reduce or eliminate the frequency of these intrusive thoughts, restoring your ability to focus and keep a level head.
PTSD and trauma can be destabilizing, but therapy can help.  When you’re ready to start, reach out to Equipoise Teletherapy today to take the first step towards recovery! 

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