Addiction Counseling

Stop the cycle of shame and take control back in your life.

Addiction is a type of compulsive behavior in which you become dependent on substances and the effect that they have on your brain. Your body and brain begin to change as they adapt to the behavior, and eventually the cravings and withdrawal alone are enough to keep you locked into a cycle of addiction, regardless of whether they would like to stop. Engaging in certain activities in order to cope with problems in your life can have a similar effect on the brain leading to a variety of compulsive, unwanted behaviors.

Whether your concern is related to alcohol, marijuana, illicit drugs, sex, gambling, or gaming, research-supported treatments are available to help you meet your goals by reducing or eliminating these behaviors. Working from a model that encompasses biological, psychological, and social aspects of addiction, our therapists who have specialized training to treat these problems will help you regain control and cope with your underlying stressors in a healthier and more sustainable way.

exhausted or miserable man sitting at home.
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