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Online Addiction Treatment in Chicago, IL

You used to use substances to relax or have, but at some point, the balance changed. Now using feels like a necessity, and you’re not sure how you can cope with your life without it. You might be noticing consequences related to your substance use starting to mount. Relational problems, health problems, or issues at work. But this just makes you want to use more, to escape from the stress of these situations. You’re feeling stuck, and not sure how to escape from this toxic loop.

What does addiction look like?

Each person that navigates addiction does so in different ways. For some, the journey has been long. For others, this is relatively new. With this in mind, our therapists have seen some common themes of why individuals pursue addiction treatment. Here are a few reasons:

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  • Using more of a substance than you intend, when you use it
  • Using a substance much more often than you’d like to
  • Trying to cut back or stop, but not being able to do so
  • Spending a great deal of time, using, recovering, or thinking about use
  • Strong desires, or cravings, to use the substance
  • Substance use interfering with your work, school, or home life
  • Continuing to use the substance, even knowing that it is causing problems in your life
  • Giving up relationships or activities due to substance use
  • Using substances in physically hazardous situations (such as driving)
  • Developing a tolerance to the substance, and requiring more to feel drunk or high
  • Experiencing withdrawal when going without the substance for a period of time

Addiction Treatment Can Help

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You may have been struggling with addiction on your own for years. And, you are starting to feel hopeless that you’ll ever be able to change. Don’t give up! We use evidence-based treatments that can help you change your relationship to substances. As well as medications that may be able to assist you towards your goals. If you haven’t tried modern behavioral health methods, there are many reasons to stay optimistic. Even if your situation feels insurmountable.

The Equipoise Approach to Addiction Treatment 

Our therapists at Equipoise Teletherapy use many different therapeutic approaches to treating addiction. However, our foundation is in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Often, it's referred to as “CBT.” CBT is a way to think about thinking. In CBT, your therapist teaches you how to see what's influencing your actions. Most often, these are your thought patterns and behaviors. As a therapist, our job is to give you the tools that empower you. These tools empower you to resolve your depression. We reach this through specific techniques and interventions.

Motivational Interview in Addiction Counseling

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Along with CBT, we also use techniques from Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI helps to help build intrinsic motivation for change. This approach allows us to explore the changes you're capable of making. In addition, we incorporate mindfulness-based methods for beating cravings. We also use community integration to build social support. And, we value-guided action to help find new meaning and direction in life.

Begin Addiction Counseling in Chicago, IL

You don’t have to live addiction casting a shadow over your life. Addiction counseling can help you develop habits and routines that keep addiction under control. nAnd, allow you to be yourself again. Our online counseling clinic has caring online therapists who specialize in treating addiction and substance use disorders. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:
2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
3. Start your journey towards health

Other Counseling Services at Equipoise Teletherapy

Addiction treatment isn’t the only service we offer in our Chicago-based teletherapy clinic. Other mental health services include therapy for emotional eating, depression treatment, and anxiety treatment. We also offer counseling for binge eating disorder, self-sabotage, nutrition counseling, and wanted behaviors. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, please contact us!
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