Online Emotional Eating treatment in Chicago, IL and PSYPACT states

Helping you solve the puzzle of unwanted eating behaviors

At Equipoise, we specialize in the treatment of unwanted, compulsive eating. Contrary to popular belief, emotional eating is not limited to binge eating disorder or bulimia. In fact, these narrowly defined eating disorders do not capture the range of experiences of one struggling with food.

We can help you navigate your compulsive thinking, self-sabotage thinking, and other unwanted behaviors.

If you are concerned about your eating and find that it doesn’t fit into any definition, you shouldn’t assume that your problem would be dismissed.

If you have a pattern of eating that’s unwanted and you feel unable to stop it on your own, contact us for an evaluation. We can help!

Although emotional eating is our primary area of expertise, our therapists treat other forms of disordered eating and nutrition and dietary concerns, as well. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about eating, body image, or other unwanted patterns to learn more.

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