“I’m just going to eat my feelings.”

An open fridge is shown. This represents concepts of emotional eating in Chicago, Il. Our online therapists in Illinois are able to provide online therapy for emotional eating.

This is a phrase you find yourself saying quite a bit. Of course, it’s meant to be funny, in a way. You say it after a long, hard week. Often, to your friends, partner, or family members. Everyone giggles a little, says who they did that just last week. And, you follow through with it. You pick your food of choice and enjoy it to the last drop. But, it’s fine, right? It doesn’t happen that often, right?

“Eating will make me feel better.”

This is a thought you find yourself thinking quite a bit. You might think this more than you say it. You think it during a lot of different situations. Sometimes during stressful situations- like paying bills or arguing with your spouse. Or, going through a situation that makes you feel sad. Often, this is the thought you have that gets you through those tough situations.

“But, I’ll get back to my routine tomorrow. Diet will start back up. Workouts will start tomorrow.”

And, this almost always comes after. This is what you tell yourself after you eat your feelings. It’s the thought that makes you feel better about your choices. This is what balance looks like, right? We all have cheat days, right?

If you’ve found yourself going down this path, you could be experiencing emotional eating.

What is emotional eating?

A woman appears to be upset. This demonstrates aspects of emotional eating in Chicago, IL. Our online therapist in Illinois offer online therapy for emotional eating.

Emotional eating is a cycle of the pattern explained above. A cycle of relying on food to fix what you’re feeling. Eating the food, often like a binge, to fix the way that you’re feeling and make you feel better. Then, you get back on track. You get right back on your diet and your exercise routine. This cycle may not happen very often to you. Or, it could happen every other week. Regardless, this cycle of emotional eating happens enough for you to notice it. However, there are components of self-sabotage that are engrained in this cycle.

Our Approach to Counseling for Emotional Eating

When it comes to helping someone navigate emotional eating, our therapists have a calculated approach. Our therapists know that it’s not about the food that you eat during an emotional eating cycle. Instead, it’s about the intention that led you to that choice. It’s about the thought process that causes you to make that decision.

As experienced therapists, we know that emotional eating comes from a dynamic.

Of course, this dynamic is internal. Our therapists know that emotional eating stems from an internal battle between two viewpoints. One view values structure and structure. This is the part that wants to do everything perfectly. To eat perfectly, to work out perfectly. To do all of the things we feel like we’re supposed to do. This is the part that values strict consistency. However, the other viewpoint in this dynamic does not share the same values. Instead, the other viewpoint values spontaneity and excitement. This the part of you that enjoys a healthy dose of rebellion. We can see that with these two opposing viewpoints, there’s likely going to many conflicts. Really, it’s a constant power struggle between these two viewpoints. And, unfortunately, that often leaves you in a bit of pickle-making choices that result in self-sabotage.

Our goal is to help you find a balance between these opposing views.

A concept of balance is shown. This reflects conversations had in online therapy for emotional eating in Chicago, IL. Our online therapists offer high quality online therapy in Illinois services.

And, to end the cycle of emotional eating. Through our experience of offering online therapy for emotional eating, we have found that counseling can help to end this cycle. Through our work in online therapy for emotional eating, our online therapists know that we can help you bridge the divide between the internal conflict. And begin to have your choices reflect what you want.

And, we’re able to offer counseling for emotional eating through online therapy.

Our Chicago-based counseling practice exclusively offers online therapy. So, we’re able to work with you anywhere you are. In addition, our online therapists are part of the PSYPACT agreement. This is a multistate agreement that grants us permission to offer online therapy in a variety of states. This way, we’re able to offer high-quality services for emotional eating anywhere you are!

Begin Online Therapy for Emotional Eating

Navigating emotional eating can feel like a big obstacle. However, you don’t have to do it on your own. Our online therapists are here to help. Through online therapy, we’re able to offer quality services anywhere you are from our Chicago-based online counseling practice. When you’re ready to begin online therapy for emotional eating, follow these steps:

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